Billings, Montana

Therapy at Brighter Sky Counseling

Brighter Sky Counseling provides expert, culturally competent, mental health and emotional wellness services. We offer treatment for concerns of depression and anxiety, trauma, grief, life changes, behavioral concerns, relationship stressors, low self esteem and more. 

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Our Therapists at Brighter Sky Counseling

At Brighter Sky Counseling, we believe in the diversity of lived experiences, and we believe in honoring all stories that come with being human. Humanity is found in the ability to connect to the wholeness and fullness of ourselves and others, and being in relationship with all parts of ourselves; the joy and pain, connection and grief, excitement and fear, love and sorrow, adventure and isolation, resilience and trauma.  We believe that our role is to help facilitate the process of moving through your struggles and adversity to embody your inherent wholeness and worthiness, while being met with unconditional compassion, empathy, and care. 

As a team, we do the inner work of healing ourselves and know the challenge and bravery it takes to show up, to be seen, and to be in fullness and connection with ourselves. We honor that our role as therapists involves ongoing curiosity, growth, and attunement to our humanness, so that we can hold the space for clients to explore their own journeys.  

Just like the sky, we celebrate our ever-changing beauty, power, and gifts.  All are welcome here, we look forward to journeying alongside you on your path as we honor your full humanity.