Trauma Can Stem From Anywhere

When thinking of trauma, understanding that trauma can stem from various places for each

person is crucial to understanding how it can affect your life. Some experience extreme trauma

due to violence or aggression that can cause lasting consequences in their relationships or daily

routines. For others, trauma can be formed through small interactions, emotional abuse, or

depleting mental health. However trauma affects your life, you must remember that you are not

alone, and finding a healthy path towards healing your trauma responses is possible through

patience and dedicated work.

How Trauma Responses Can Form

Trauma responses are the result of an individual event creating a lasting reaction that emerges

when an individual experiences a similar or identical circumstance. For example, if someone

was the victim of a robbery, their fear and worry from that situation can arise whenever they

hear random noises in their home or cannot find something that was misplaced. Some of the

common trauma responses are:

● Easily startled, feeling jumpy, or feeling “on guard” in the smallest interactions

● Experiencing flashbacks, daydreams, nightmares, or intrusive thoughts of the traumatic


● Increased avoidance of the location, person, or thing that caused the trauma

● Overall anger, worry, frustration or anxiety when encountering something that triggers a

trauma response

● Change in confidence or value of self-worth following the traumatic experience

● Dependence of material items or unhealthy habits to cope with the trauma

How Can Therapy Help?

For many, the thought of reliving their trauma may keep them away from seeking out

professional help for their struggles. At Brighter Sky Counseling, we understand that it can be

difficult to be vulnerable about certain experiences when you have been constantly living in fight

or flight mode, but we encourage all clients to try and release the fear that is keeping them

attached to their trauma. Negative experiences don’t make us who we are, but rather teach us

about who we can be. Through therapy, you will learn how to guide yourself through trauma

responses that make you feel stuck and frozen, leaving you to be more understanding and

empathetic to your pain. Sessions include talk sessions about where your responses are

stemming from, what exactly triggers those responses, and how to move past them physically

and psychologically.

Take Back Your Life Today

If you feel like your trauma responses are keeping you from living the life you want to live,

please feel free to contact us today so that we can ensure that you receive the help you need to

continue moving forward. Therapy with Brighter Sky will leave you feeling fulfilled and content

with your healing journey.