Big Emotions Require Patience

We all have days where we feel down; your mind and thoughts aren’t present, you have a

difficult time rising out of bed, and your sleeping schedule has done a complete 180 degrees.

Everyone has days where they aren’t at their best, and that leads to a snowball effect where

every area in their life is being affected by their mental and emotional health. When this

happens, you may want to consider the option of seeking professional help for the crisis you

might be suffering through. It can be easy to internalize your emotions and keep others out of

your personal life, but you will need a support system in your life to help you ground yourself.

What Does Depression Look Like?

In movies, depression is typically depicted as someone lying in bed for days at a time with dirty

laundry and empty ice cream tubs littering the floor, but in reality, depression has a wide range

of faces, and each individual is affected by it differently. Someone who is facing difficulty in their

life may not even realize that they are suffering from depression because they are dealing with

daily tasks such as work and family. Below are symptoms that someone may be experiencing in

a depressive episode that can go unnoticed:

● Eating Habits: appetite ranges from either eating too little or too much in a short period,

● Loss Of Interest: Not spending time on your hobbies, lack of focus on your occupation,

Not responding to messages or calls

● Codependency: Finding reliance on external things such as eating, friends or family,

material items (games, shopping, etc.)

● Anxiousness: Feeling your anxiety rise, frequent overthinking of situations, sense of

doom in every interaction

● Fatigue: Yawning more often, frequently waking up in the middle of the night, difficulty

keeping eyes open and alert

● Body Pains: Pain in your chest, back, or muscles, struggle with participating in previous

workouts or activities

How Can Therapy Help?

Depression therapy can be helpful in a handful of ways. Going into a session, you may feel

anxious and overwhelmed by pressure to be vulnerable, but at Brighter Sky Counseling we want

you to know that you are entering a safe space where you will be encouraged to share your

feelings openly, no matter how small or large they may seem. Every emotion is worth exploring,

so being communicative and realistic about your depression will only help in your overall healing

journey. In a session, you will be asked to explore the deeper meanings of your experience with

depression so that your therapist will be able to fully comprehend your struggles and provide

you with personalized and unique resources or help.

Start Feeling Like You Again

If you are struggling with depression symptoms and don’t know how to pull yourself out, please

reach out to Brighter Sky Counseling where we ensure that your healing is our top priority.