Feeling Overwhelmed, Stressed And Frustrated?

Do you find yourself dealing with extreme emotions such as worrying, frustration, anger, or hurt

but have nowhere to release them healthily? Bottling up your experiences and reactions can

lead to you building up your anxiety without even knowing it. Anxiety is a mental illness that

feeds off of an individual’s capability to overthink themselves into a frenzy, leaving them to

constantly rely on their fight or flight instinct to point them in the right direction. This can be

damaging for several reasons, but the most harmful consequence is that you lose trust in

yourself, your talents, hard work, or your intuition because you are stuck inside of your head

with no way to get out.

How To Spot Anxiety

Anxiety can stem from anywhere at any time. This is emphasized when anxiety and its

symptoms run through your family. But what is anxiety and how do you know if you’re

experiencing it? Below are a few of the common symptoms that may appear if you are

experiencing an anxiety attack:

● Sweating Profusely: Hands, face, and neck are all areas where sweat strikes first

● Loss of Balance: Feeling like the world is spinning around you but you cannot move

● Rapid Breathing: Taking shorter breaths at a faster pace when feeling anxious

● Overstimulation: The environment is too loud, bright, or crowded to concentrate

● Restlessness: Pacing back and forth, wringing your hands, tapping your foot

● Exhaustion: Overwhelming feeling of tiredness or weakness coming over you

● Body Pains: Aching in your chest or finding difficulty breathing properly

● Sense of Danger: Trying to anticipate or react to danger where there is none

How Therapy Can Help

Being open-minded about therapy sessions is key to staying vigilant and patient with what

causes your anxiety. Therapy is meant to open your eyes to new perspectives on what is

troubling you, both in the present time and subconsciously. Individuals have unique reactions to

their experiences based on their past, upbringing, and personality, so guarantee that each

therapy session is personalized to your comfort so that you can be vulnerable without fear of

judgment or criticism. Brighter Sky Counseling is dedicated to ensuring that you can face your

fears empathetically and compassionately; you will walk out of each session feeling like you are

prepared to handle whatever anxiety throws at you healthily and genuinely.

You Deserve A Peaceful Life

One where you can relax knowing that if an anxiety attack were to ever make an appearance,

you have the tools you need to overcome your worries and understand where they stem from on

a much deeper level than before. We are here to help you build your confidence so that you can

tell the little voice inside your head to quiet down because there is no debating or denying your

strength. Please feel free to reach out so that we can begin this journey the right way.