You Deserve To Be Seen

It is easy to feel alienated and lonely when you feel like you are different from everyone else.

While others may want to isolate you for your differences, you should know that being unique is

what makes you an individual. Everyone deserves a space where they can be comfortable to

show their most inner selves and be celebrated for who they are. That is why Brighter Sky

Counseling is dedicated to creating a space where those in the LGBTQIA+ community can feel

secure enough to be open and vulnerable about their experiences so that they can begin to heal


A Sense Of Belonging Is Crucial

Identifying yourself in the LGBTQIA+ community means sharing a sense of belonging and

camaraderie with those in your environment, but for many, it was not always easy to rely on

others. Those who experience discrimination, loneliness, or imposter syndrome due to their

sexual identity may want to consider seeking therapy with a trained professional where they can

release the negativity they have faced and begin to truly express themselves however they

please. Even when you dare to embrace your community, there may still be obstacles in your

way that keep you from living the life of your dreams. At Brighter Sky Counseling, we make sure

that you are allowed to feel your emotions, communicate your worries and overcome your fears

without the panic of feeling judged.

What Does LGBTQIA+ Therapy Look Like?

A session with Brighter Sky Counseling will demonstrate how you can compassionately and

empathetically identify yourself in a way that makes you feel seen and validated. Below are

some of the areas that therapy can help with:

● Imposter Syndrome: Whether you are out or not, feeling like you don’t belong can cause

a hindrance to your confidence and self-worth

● Identity Struggle: Understanding the difference between identities and what feels most

right to you

● Lifestyle Changes: Coming out can mean finally owning who you want to be, which may

include wanting to change areas in your life to better reflect who you are inside

● Boundaries: Creating healthy and new boundaries with those around you to keep

yourself safe and sane in your new identity

● Expressing Yourself: If you are facing personal obstacles and are unsure of how you

would like to express yourself, therapy can teach you new ways to open your shell

Find Your Place In This World

Finding an environment where you can be yourself and thrive is difficult for some, but never

impossible. Through the right resources, guidance, and dedication you can begin to be the

person you are on the inside and leave behind the negativity of pretending to be someone else.

Please reach out to Brighter Sky Counseling to get started on your journey.