Somatic Experiencing

Healing Is About Connection Of The Body And Mind

When considering how to best heal your internal trauma wounds, you must keep in mind that

every instance that triggers a trauma response in your mind is also being felt by your body.

Biting nails, picking at skin, and cracking your fingers are all common physical coping

mechanisms that can cause overall damage to your bodily health. Somatic experiencing therapy

sessions are the bond that ties together the physical and mental aspects of trauma responses

and treats them simultaneously.

What Is Somatic Experiencing Therapy?

Somatic therapy is sessions where you will be encouraged to participate mentally, emotionally,

and physically. It is a safe space that allows for open conversation about your mental health

needs while motivating you to think past only speaking on your grievances and get you to

physically move to support your healing journey. The use of exercises in sessions will grant you

an even deeper sense of tranquility and control as you release the tension from your mind and

body. Below are some examples of exercises that can be used in a session:

● Meditation and breathing exercises

● Dancing or walking

● Massages

● Visualization exercises

● Grounding techniques

Somatic therapy sessions are meant to help you better connect with yourself and the world

around you. At Brighter Sky Counseling, we dedicate ourselves to creating safe spaces where

you can be authentically you and practice healing in forms other than traditional therapy


How Can Therapy Help Me?

If you are feeling an overwhelming sense of fear, stress, or anxiety then somatic therapy

sessions might be the gateway you need to understanding how those big emotions take a toll on

your mental and physical health. During a session, the mind-body exercises provided by your

therapist are the key to overcoming negative experiences. The body holds onto negativity just

as much as the mind does; for example, when you are feeling stressed you may hunch your

shoulders or when anxiety hits you might grind your teeth unwittingly. Your body reacts to what

the mind is perceiving, so if you find yourself feeling tense, sore, or lethargic your emotions and

thoughts might be the culprit behind those aches. Somatic therapy sessions with Brighter Sky

can help to reset your triggers, unclog your thoughts and push you to be yourself again.

Start Feeling More Connected Than Ever Before

When you feel more connected to yourself, you will find that the world around you becomes

warmer and lighter as you can give out the feeling of being whole again. The link between the

body and the mind is extremely interconnected, so you need a therapy practice that considers

every aspect of your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. Please reach out to us if you

want to find more information on how to begin your healing journey.