Couples Counseling 

Relationships are a vital part of being human, and when we experience conflict with those closest to us, our own well-being is affected. It’s hard to deal with the stressors in life when a place that we hope to be a safe haven in the storm is its own source of stress and stuckness. Couples therapy is a place where romantic partners can work together with a knowledgeable and experienced clinician to build healthy patterns of connection and intimacy so that the relationship can be that safe haven again. 

Couples may seek therapy for a variety of different reasons, including

  • Communication breakdowns
  • Frequent arguments
  • Pre-marital preparation
  • Reviving sexual intimacy
  • Restoring emotional closeness

Your Journey with Brighter Sky Counseling

  • Structured & Collaborative Approach: Our therapy sessions are well-organized and teamwork-oriented, ensuring you and your partner are engaged in the healing process together.
  • Comprehensive Assessment: Expect 1-2 initial sessions dedicated to understanding your challenges and establishing goals, blending your aspirations with professional insights.
  • Individual Attention: Time is allocated for both joint and individual conversations, fostering a balanced perspective.
  • Customized Frequency: Therapy sessions are scheduled weekly or bi-weekly, tailored to your unique needs and progress pace.

Our Therapeutic Philosophy

  • Multiple Expertise: We offer Emotionally-Focused Therapy, the Gottman Method, and integrative models, all aimed at fortifying your partnership.
  • No Blame Game: We focus on nurturing relationship health, empathy, and understanding without assigning fault.
  • Skill Building: You'll learn and practice new relationship skills, both within sessions and at home.
  • Collaborative Tailoring: Our therapy is adaptable to fit diverse cultures, sexual orientations, and relationship structures, without any preconceived molds.

Brighter Sky Counseling is an advocate and ally for all couples and we support the LGBTQIA+ community as well as all lifestyle choices made by couples. 

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*Couples Counseling is both a time and financial commitment. It is important to understand that Couples Counseling is not considered a medical intervention and is NOT covered by insurance. Couples counseling is billed at the self pay rate, $170 per session. *