Mindful Morning Girls Support Group

Mindful Morning Girls Support Group

Mindful Mornings is a psycho educational based process group for high school aged girls. Mindful Mornings is a 6 session structured therapy group.


June and July Dates to be announced pending interest in the group. Please inquire in the from below for specific planned dates.


The cost of this group is $390. Payment options are available by request.

Mindful Mornings is Co Facilitated by Erin Bratsky and Julia Chandler

Mindful Mornings is Co Facilitated by Erin Bratsky and Julia Chandler

Please inquire using the form below or contact Brighter Sky Counseling at 406-272-6228. A brief intake with Julia Chandler will help determine the fit of your daughter and your goals for her in joining Mindful Mornings. The cost of this session is $30.

Mindful Mornings

A support Group for Adolescent Girls


 High school can be a confusing and difficult time in life.  During this time, often teenage girls struggle with managing confusing emotions, finding connection and safety in friendships, overcoming gender and sexuality struggles, and finding appropriate ways to cope. With a continued increase in the popularity of social media, there have arisen new levels of unrealistic expectations of what we are supposed to look like, what we are supposed to dress like, even how we are supposed to spend our free time.  When teens feel like they are not meeting these expectations, it is common to experience shame, loneliness, anxiety and/or depression. Experiencing these types of emotions can often lead to isolation, emotional outbursts, engaging in risky behavior, giving into peer pressure, spending time with rough crowds, and/or parent conflict. These experiences are not uncommon yet many people find it difficult to vocalize their own experience. Learn how to connect with your friends and family, while freeing yourself of unresolved shame.  Our goal is to help girls build confidence and self-esteem, while also learning healthy ways to express themselves. They will learn ways to self-reflect and cope with difficult emotions. We hope that every girl who joins our group will leave feeling more confident, more open, and learn to take up space when it comes to processing their emotions. One of the loneliest parts of high school can be feeling completely alone in one’s emotions. Our hope is to create a safe space for girls to share, relate, and learn from one another as to normalize their own experiences.  Join us in helping you and other peers connect with ourselves and with one another. Any girl who will be starting or is already enrolled in high school is welcome to join.

Dates: June/July 2019 are currently being planned. Please inquire using the from below. Dates will be finalized based on enrollment of course.

Please note that in order to receive the most benefits, it is highly recommended that all sessions be attended. No refunds as spots are limited.  

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