Children's Mental Health Services 

Having a child who is experiencing difficulties due to mental health issues or life stressors can be a scary experience for parents, as oftentimes resources are scarce and we may not know how to approach these new problems. Therapy provides an environment where children and families can work with knowledgeable clinicians to find new solutions to challenging problems and set our kids up for success. Therapy with children involves a variety of approaches depending on the age/development, culture, temperament, and obstacles that are unique to each child. What does remain consistent in our approach at Brighter Sky is that work with children is developmentally-appropriate, involves family, and is honoring of each child’s unique identity.

A child’s developmental stage will guide how much “talk therapy” is used as words are only one small way kids express themselves. Expect your therapist to use play, art, crafts, stories, and games as a way for your child to access their emotions, grow self-confidence. learn to regulate themselves, and build essential social skills. Your therapist will also likely be playful and use your child’s vocabulary rather than expecting them to adapt to “therapy talk” and the adult world. Because parents are a major part of their child’s internal and external world, your therapist will likely want you involved in your child’s treatment to help them be their best selves. Expect to be involved heavily in the first session or two, helping to explain the main problems and establish goals. Following this, you may be asked to join for intermittent check-ins or regular family sessions, depending on your therapist’s recommendation. With this, know that it is still important that your child’s individual sessions will still be kept confidential. Kids need to know that what they express in therapy remains safely with their therapist. Finally, all Brighter Sky therapists aim to honor the uniqueness and strengths of each child, celebrating all aspects of their identity. It’s important for healthy attachment and development for kids to know they are lovable and valued by those around them! Because of this, our therapists are LGBTQIA+-allied and provide culturally-informed treatment. Clinicians at Brighter Sky work with a variety of presenting problems and diagnoses in children including depression, anxiety, family conflict, attachment issues, social skills, and anger (among many others).

At Brighter Sky, we see each child as a whole individual with their own stories, struggles, and strengths. We hope to provide resources, knowledge, and safe relationships that can help remove obstacles to the joy and safety each kid deserves. If you are unsure about if Brighter Sky would be a good fit for your child, please don’t hesitate to contact our team with questions or for more information.

Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning. Fred Rogers