Employment Opportunities

Are you a therapist looking to make a change? Are you interested in a private practice setting but not yet ready to take the leap into business ownership? We are always looking for EXCEPTIONAL therapists who are dedicated to improving mental health care and services, their own personal growth, and a commitment to our local community.  

If you have questions, please feel free to email Erin Bratsky at erin@brighterskycounseling.com 

Our core values drive who we are as a team and as a practice.  They are not just words on paper, but practiced in our actions, our decision making, with our clients and with each other.  If these values do not apply to you, then it may not be a good fit.  If these resonate with you, perhaps you've found a new team to grow with!  

Brighter Sky Counseling Core Values 

Integration:  Integration allows space for opposites, diversity and lived experiences and that all hold value. We are complex ,wholehearted humans who work to create meaning and space for all moments, feelings or experiences . We recognize the blending of opposites such as joy and pain, connection and grief, excitement and fear, as well as the balance of personal and professional goals, stability and growth, hard work and rest. Integration is not stagnant but rather fluid, based on ever changing needs and circumstances. As a staff we achieve a high level of performance, skill and service through balance and recognition of all the parts that make up the whole. 

 Integration with our clients

●     We hold space for our clients to find their own harmony and balance in healing and self care.

●     We help clients live wholeheartedly; to see, value, and integrate all parts of themselves.

●     We journey with clients to find new perspectives, build trust and find support.

 Integration as a practice

●     We maintain healthy working hours to sustain and engage in all parts of your life.

●     We create opportunities for work life to be meaningful and inspiring.

●     We create and maintain stable business practices that allow for consistent growth and opportunities.

●     We honor boundaries needed to sustain an engaged, connected caseload and fulfilled engaged colleagues. 

●     We are a team of independent workers that are collaborative and support one another.


 Imperfection:  Imperfection is often seen as a negative trait, but we see it as a valuable one. Imperfection makes room growth and deeper understanding, we learn resilience and perseverance. We understand that success is not always achieved in a straight line and that setbacks and failures are opportunities for growth. It helps us to become more compassionate and understanding towards ourselves and others recognizing that we all have areas where we struggle and need support. We show up to learn from these imperfect experiences to continue to do better. 

 Imperfection with our clients

●     We reinforce and celebrate that imperfection is part of being human and a part of the therapeutic process. 

●     We practice compassion and understanding with our clients' imperfections and encourage them to do the same.

Imperfection as a Practice

●     We recognize that we make mistakes and we share them without shame to learn and do better

●     We model this in the therapy room by owning our mistakes or missteps with our clients

●     We are accountable to our mistakes knowing that mistakes do not define us. 

●     We value and do our own self reflection and inner work. 

●     We give feedback to one another about successes and failures. 

●     We engage and seek out individual support and supervision as pre licensed as well as licensed clinician to continue to grow, learn and evolve.


 Community: We are better together. Community emphasizes the importance of belonging and interconnectedness among individuals and groups. Community promotes collaboration, cooperation and mutual support and recognizes the diversity of what everyone brings to the table. As a Brighter Sky Counseling community we have opportunities to see beyond our own skills and talents and create a network of helping individuals to serve our greater community. We practice community among our staff, with our clients and within the larger setting of Billings, of Montana and beyond. 

 Community with our clients

●     We are a welcoming community that supports connection and creates a safe place for all.

●     We actively work to reduce the stigma of therapy and mental health by creating access to care.

●     We honor the relationships and community chosen by our clients without judgment.

Community as a Practice

●     We as a group practice is bigger than the sum of its parts and we learn from each other through case consultation, supervision and just by knowing one another.

●     We honor and respect the skills, talents, and ideas brought to this practice by our colleagues.

●     We share the workload by creating a team environment. The parts of this practice, administration, billing, client care, therapy are all equally as important for success. 

●     We engage in and support community events and organizations through financial support and volunteer support.  

●     We have an open door policy that promotes community and team.

 Growth:  When we know better we do better. Growth means valuing evolving, progress, and continuous improvement. It means we practice a willingness and eagerness to learn, adapt, and evolve in response to changing circumstances, challenges and opportunities. We open ourselves up to new experiences, ideas and perspectives that enrich our lives and help us achieve our goals. We are open to feedback and constructive criticism and use it as a tool for learning and development. We constantly seek out new knowledge and skills, challenge our assumptions, our biases, our beliefs, and explore new ways of doing things. We are committed to becoming the best version of ourselves that we can be. 

 Growth with our Clients

●     We honor the goals and growth opportunities of our clients through their journey of healing, recovery and connection

●     We serve as a sounding board and reminder of the progress and change that our clients have made and will make through the work of therapy

●     We create relationships of trust and purpose that creates curiosity, challenge thinking, and foster change for our clients through their unique healing journey. 


 Growth as a Practice

●     We engage and benefit from group supervision where we are able to learn and grow as clinicians.

●     We provide funds for conferences, continuing education and training to staff to promote access to high level training and certification.

●     We build and provide educational materials for the evolution of mental health to consumers as well as providers. 

●     We grow our practice to be better equipped to serve our community and meet the needs of the mental health field. 

●     We provide foundational work and supervision for the next generation of therapists that will continue to grow and serve our community with exceptional mental health care services.