Meet Suzanne 

Suzanne only provides Telehealth services 

Hello! I'm Suzanne, a therapist deeply committed to nurturing growth and fostering resilience in the lives of those I work with. My practice is built on a foundation of empathy and a strength-based approach, celebrating each individual's resilience and empowering them to uncover their inherent potential.

With a diverse background in integrating various therapeutic modalities, I tailor my approach to fit the unique journey and aspirations of every client. Our journey together is one of collaboration and support, creating a therapeutic alliance that is both nurturing and transformative.

Life's transitions and adjustments hold a special focus in my work. Whether grappling with the aftermath of trauma, the pain of loss, or the challenges of illness and accidents, my heart goes out to those navigating these turbulent waters. In our sessions, you'll find a safe haven to express and process your emotions, guided by compassion and evidence-based strategies. My aim is to empower you to acknowledge and attend to your needs, building a foundation of balance, strength, and resilience.

Therapy with me is not just about addressing the present; it's about arming you with the skills for a more hopeful, balanced future. I believe in the transformative journey of self-discovery and work hand in hand with my clients to chart a course towards comprehensive well-being. Through a warm, non-judgmental lens, I invite you into a space of self-reflection and personal growth, equipping you with the skills to navigate life's complexities with confidence and grace.

If you want the rainbow, you have to put up with the rain. Unknown