Meet Ryan 

Hello, I'm Ryan Riddle, a dedicated therapist with a commitment to guiding individuals through their healing journey. With my roots now firmly planted in Montana, I bring a blend of professional expertise and personal passion to my practice as a Montana Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor Candidate.

At the heart of my therapeutic approach lies a deep belief in the transformative power of self-awareness and inner strength. I view every individual as inherently capable of fostering profound, positive changes in their lives. My methodology is person-centered and strengths-based, affirming that you are the true expert of your own experience. Together, we will embark on a collaborative journey, crafting a therapeutic path that honors your unique identity, challenges, and cultural background. This journey is about discovering your strengths and learning to navigate life with a renewed sense of balance and awareness.

My professional toolkit is rich with strategies aimed at cultivating mindfulness and a deeper connection with oneself. These approaches are designed to empower you to develop a stronger sense of self in an environment that is both safe and nurturing. My experience spans working with individuals dealing with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, addiction, and the complexities of life transitions.

Having moved to Billings in 2020 and recently completing my Master of Mental Health Counseling from New York University, I am deeply invested in the well-being of our community. Outside of my practice, my life is filled with adventures across Montana in our converted camper van, dance, and quality time with my wife, dog, friends, and family. These experiences enrich my perspective and approach to counseling.

In our work together, my goal is to help you heal, recover, and connect more deeply with your needs and aspirations. Whether you're facing emotional distress, navigating life's transitions, or seeking a greater sense of fulfillment, I'm here to support you in moving towards a life marked by greater clarity, resilience, and joy. Let's explore this path of healing and self-discovery together, building towards a future where you feel more aligned with your true self and equipped to meet life's challenges with confidence.

Do the thing you fear most and the death of fear is certain. Mark Twain