Julia Chandler, LCPC

All therapists have the inherent drive to reach in and help turn on the shining brilliance of each person with whom we work.
— Lisa Ruth Mitchel

Meet Julia 

My name is Julia.

Have you ever experienced an emotion that felt uncontrollable and unexplainable?  Do you feel like you or your child have been struggling to find purpose or direction in life?  It can feel scary and incredibly lonely not having words to explain what is happening.

The heart of my therapy revolves around creating a safe, warm, supportive environment to help one begin their journey towards holistic healing.  There is so much power that comes from having a validating, non-judgemental space to process the difficulties in life.

During my career in counseling, I have worked intensely with self-harming behaviors and suicidal ideation. I work hard at ensuring the client and parents feel heard and understood through the entirety of this process.   As a Level 1 AEDP (Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy) therapist, we will work to allow one to reconnect with their body and to listen to what it is trying to tell them. I also use a psychodynamic approach to help my clients understand how traumas and unexpressed emotions from our childhood can manifest into more problematic thinking and/or behavior as well as understanding the importance of family dynamic.  Our bodies always remember, and when we let emotions go unresolved, they often linger creating symptoms such as anxiety and/or depression. Let me help you reconnect with your body and find a voice in expressing your emotions.

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