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Yoga Therapy

Therapy does not exclusively need to be talk based. What Mindful based yoga therapy can do can actually bring you off the sofa, out of your head and back into your body.

Integrating therapy with mindful yoga poses, breathing techniques and guided meditation can complement a more traditional approach to therapy that can lead to healing and help with building a healthier mindset.

Cara Carter is a licensed therapist as well as a trained yoga instructor. Cara creates a healing space for mind and body by engaging and teaching therapeutic mindful and yoga skills that empower healing in the mind and body. Cara is able to teach skills that people can also utilize and access outside of the therapy session to improve moods, increase emotional wellness and reconnect to self.

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The single most important issue for traumatized people is to find a sense of safety in their own bodies.
— Bessel van der Kolk

Frequently Asked Questions about Yoga Therapy

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga therapy is still talk therapy that incorporates yoga poses and skills at the end of the session. We will have 10-15 minutes of doing a yoga flow to integrate and the emotional work of therapy into the body work of yoga.

What if I have never done yoga?

That is okay! In yoga therapy, it focuses on basic poses that anyone can benefit from and anyone can do!

Why yoga and therapy?

Yoga has been proven to have benefits on our brains and helping us to create other coping mechanism for mental health, PTSD, and substance use. It has positive impact on our brains and bodies so it makes sense to combine talk therapy and yoga. They work well together to create a healthy lifestyle.

What are the benefits?

We store so much tension and stress in our bodies from trauma, every day stress, anxiety, depression, and changes in our lives, yoga therapy works to release that tension and move in a way that benefits our bodies, in a safe environment to talk about it. It can help you understand your trauma and reconnect to your body. You might understand yourself better from the experience.

What if I get triggered?

If you get triggered you will be in a safe environment to discuss what emotional response you had. It can be a great way to work through the pent up stress.

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