Individual Therapy 

When we feel we are struggling, often we can be hardest on ourselves.  Therapy can help  you practice self love and compassion as you heal. I help my clients address a wide range of issues including anxiety, depression, trauma, maternal and parenting mental health issues, and relationship challenges. 

Telehealth Online sessions 

Online video sessions are offered for established clients.  The appropriateness of online sessions will be discussed and evaluated on a case by case basis.  Online sessions offer a convenient way to have a therapy sessions when scheduling or commuting is challenging.  



Adolescence is a challenging time that requires sensitivity to the needs and emotional distress faced by our youth.  Adolescents are facing real mental health concerns that can be easily overlooked.  Often adolescents need another trusting adult in their life to discuss their thoughts and feelings, discuss their struggles and implement changes for success.  

Group Therapy 

Group therapy sessions are offered at various times of the year based on the level of interest and enrollment numbers.  If  you are interested in participating in group therapy, please contact me about availability of group sessions.  Group topics include building self confidence and relationships for adolescents, maternal mental health, parenting support groups.